Work in Ukraine

Ukraine has excellent prospects for the employment of foreigners. The average salary in the country is 400 Euro and the minimum wage for a foreigner under Ukrainian law is at least 10 times the minimum wage in Ukraine! To find a job, you need to issue a work permit in Ukraine.

A feature of the employment of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine is the receipt by the employer of a permit to use their labor (work permit) at the employment center. Our company will help foreign citizens to obtain a Ukrainian work permit quickly and legally!

What is application for Ukrainian work permit?

Work permit in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons — a document providing the employer with the right to temporarily use the work of a foreigner in a particular workplace or position.

A foreigner may work in one or several posts without restriction to one company, provided that permission is received for each of these posts.

If a foreigner is a highly paid professional, he may, without permission, hold other positions concurrently, if the duration of the contract in such positions does not exceed the validity period of the permit at the main place of work.

It is also allowed to combine work in the positions indicated in the permit with work in the position of a temporarily absent employee, but not more than 30 calendar days a year.

Documents Required


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Package Inclusion

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